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Here's What's Happening In Lodi, Wisconsin

Oct 4 @ 6:00 pm Zoom Webinar
October 9
Oct 9
October 15
Nov 11 5:00-6:00 pm

Did You Know....

  • Oct 4:  Learn about some incredibly important information about marijuana.  What it would look like if it was legalized in WI and what parents/grandparents should know.  watch for the link and more information by following LCat on Facebook @Lodiaction and their website www.LodiAction.org

    Oct 9: Ice Age Trail WI Fall Colors Run.  12499 State Road 113; Lodi. Trail Options:  2 mile run/hike, 4 mile run/hike or 8 mile run!
  • October 14:  Mark your calendar for the Great Apple Crunch! October 14, enjoy an apple!  Help celebrate National Farm to School Month.