Our Mission

Lodi Natural is a collection of individuals drawn together to preserve, protect, and extend the natural beauty of the Lodi Valley.  We work through the engagement of the individuals, business owners, and establishments to promote a green community.


Nature is the heart of our community. From agriculture to entertainment to our everyday environment.

Nature is the heart of our endeavor. From those who grew up here half a century ago, to those who have recently moved here to enjoy out beauty, we all understand the importance of preserving Lodi's natural environment.



A strong economy builds a strong economy; a wise economy protects a healthy ecology.

We recognize that commerce and ecology work hand-in-hand to create make Lodi a community where people want to visit, and to live.

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Real change comes from the community--through concerted efforts and small individual actions.

It doesn't take a large commitment have real effects. Even small changes in your daily life can go a long way to preserving our environment. A community is comprised of individuals working together for a greater cause.

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