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Here's What's Happening In Lodi, Wisconsin

Optimist Forum: Redrawing of Voting District Maps/Impact
Business Trick/Trick
Trick-or-Treat (city of Lodi)
Veterans Run/Walk
Mad for Plaid – Wine Walk

October 20 Noon-1:15 pm
October 29  3:30 pm-5:30 pm
October 31 5:00 pm-8:00 pm
November  11 5-6 am & 5-6 pm
November 12 5:30-9:00 pm

Did You Know....

  • Optimist Forum: Redrawing of Voting District & It’s Impact  Oct 20 Noon – 1:15 pm at the PAC at the Lodi High School
  • Speakers:  Tim Cullen (D) & Dale Schultz (R)

    Retired State Senators Tim Cullen (D) and Dale Schultz (R), will do a presentation on “Redrawing of Voting District Maps and Its Impact on our State and Communities: Putting an End to Gerrymandering.”
    Both State Senators are retired and previously served in the Wisconsin State Senate; Dale was the Republican majority leader and Tim was the Democratic majority leader.
    TOPIC:  Voting district maps are re-drawn every 10 years following the decennial census. Representation of voters and resources that flow to communities are impacted by the way voting districts are drawn. When politicians must explain their positions and earn the votes of their constituents, they are more responsive to their needs and concerns. When maps are drawn so politicians of one party are ensured re-election — known as gerrymandering — they have little incentive to be accountable to their constituents. Despite being affiliated with two different political parties, Dale and Tim are in total agreement in their opposition to gerrymandering and believe that voting district maps should be drawn by a nonpartisan body that has nothing to gain.

    Please note that COVID precautions are being followed and face coverings are required in all school buildings.

  • Halloween Trick-or-Trick Safety Tips
    * Stay Visible. Add reflective tape to costumes, clothing and candy bags. Carry a flashlight and glow sticks
    * Costumes and shoes should fit well to avoid tripping. Masks should not block vision.
    * Plan to go to known neighborhoods and house that have their lights on.
    * Examine candy and any other items children have collected when done. Be aware of choking hazards for small children,
    * Drive slowly and safely on Halloween in anticipation of heavier pedestrian traffic.

Veterans Day Run/Walk
November 11 from 5-6 am and/or 5-6 pm

Where: High School Track
All donations will go towards the Veterans cabin in Columbia County