Australia Creates Burp-Free Cows

Scientists at Australia’s University of the Sunshine Coast have discovered that the addition a small portion of a specific type of seaweed to cows’ feed eliminates the microbes that produce methane in their stomachs.   While this may sound like a funny little story, it has an impact on the global environment.

The primary focus on greenhouse gasses in climate change is carbon dioxide (CO2)–because it’s the simplest for us to control.  The effect of methane, however, is over 20 times that of CO2.  One significant producer of methane is the world-wide herd of over 1.5 billion cows, each producing 70-120kg of methane each year.  That’s about the same effect on global warming as 300 gallons of gas.

If this research is successful, a simple change to cows’ diet could have a major, positive impact on our environment.

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