Going Green Gets You Green

Protecting the environment means more than just adding “green” to the environment.  It also means adding “green” to your bank account.   Moving to a sustainable environmental model allows you to save money, build new business, and build a community that encourages sustainable economic growth.

The transition to a “green model” doesn’t need to be drastic, scary, or expensive. Small steps and incremental changes can have a major cumulative impact.  A slow shift to more environmentally-friendly products and practices can happen… naturally.


As appliances, products, and fixtures in your home or business reach the end of their life, look for environmentally-friendly options to replace them. Low-flow toilets and faucets won't be noticed--but the drop in your water bill will be.


Take a look at the products and services you use. Could you save money--and the environment--by switching to ones that are more eco-friendly? Choose items with less packaging, consolidate multiple Amazon shipments into one, or purchase from nearby suppliers.


Changing habits may be difficult sometimes, but it's free. Even small changes in day-to-day activities can stack up into a significant change in the amount of resources you use--and pay for.