What Can I Do?

Starting Small

Small and simple things you can do to help the environment and love where you live

  • Catch people in the act of “loving where they live” – have a wall of fame with photos (Random Acts of Loving Where You Live/Random Acts of Greenness)
  • Use reusable bags (instead of plastic or paper)
  • Print (from computer) as little as possible
  • Walk or bike whenever possible, rather than taking a car
  • Use reusable water bottles rather than bottled water
  • Use reusable coffee mugs rather than getting cups at a coffee shop
  • Join a library instead of going online to buy books that must then be shipped to you
  • Buy things second-hand when possible
  • Go paperless: pay bills online, get notices online
  • Use a watering can to water outdoor plants rather than a hose

Getting Involved

Team up with others to make a more significant impact

  • Love Where You Live gathering/celebration
  • Encourage the organizations you’re part of to avoid using disposable items, especially styrofoam cups, and to use “green” practices such as recycling and composting
  • Do a group clean-up of a particular area
  • Adopt an area (park, green space) for ongoing clean-up
  • Organize block/neighborhood gatherings with family-focused activities
  • Garden with family or others in the neighborhood; think about a front yard garden as a way to encourage neighborhood interaction

Going Big

Tackle the big issues in big ways

  • Plant trees/flowers to beautify an area and add to quality of the air
  • Organize a clean-up of a section of Spring Creek
  • Create more rain gardens through the Lodi area
  • Distribute/install rain barrels
  • Plant a butterfly garden
  • Contact your elected officials to encourage them to create policies that protect and enhance the environment